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Growing Hope - University Place E.S. Garden

This Tuscaloosa, Alabama school garden rebuilt and grew after devastation by a tornado.

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Avoid Poison Ivy Peril

April 2014

Springtime in the South -- when gardeners' thoughts turn to tulips and trilliums, bluebirds and bluebells. And for some of us, poison ivy. If you've ever had to endure the maddeningly itchy rash, you're not alone. Four out of five people develop skin...
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Tip of the Day

Plant Potatoes

Two weeks before your last frost date plant certified disease-free potato tubers. Cut tubers so each piece has two "eyes" or sprouts. Amend soil with compost and plant pieces one foot apart in a 12- inch deep trench.

Watershed Friendly Tips

Prevent Weeds with Good Lawn Care

What's the best way to prevent weeds from taking over your lawn? Use good lawn care practices that keep the turf dense so weeds can't get a toehold rather than relying…
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Gardener to Gardener

As we celebrate the 44th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, its call to action to protect the environment remains vitally important in the face of such pressing issues as global climate change, increasingly scarce water resources, habitat loss, and watershed pollution. In this month's newsletter, find out how you as a gardener can do your part to help keep our planet "green."
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