Gardener to Gardener

Putting the Flower Garden to Bed

It's official -- fall has arrived! There's a wonderful, cool edge to the air these days that tells me it's time to prepare the garden (and myself) for a rest...

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Getting Bulbs Ready for Winter

Now is the time to get spring flowering bulbs in the ground. It's also time to dig up and store tender summer-flowering bulbs if your climate is too cold for these bulbs to overwinter in the ground...

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Cleaning and Storing Garden Tools

Digging tools and pruners require regular cleaning and adequate storage to keep blades sharp and prevent rust...

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Ask & Share Community Highlights

Sue asked:
"I have a mandevilla and want to overwinter it indoors. My basement is a constant 62 degrees. Can I put it there and water it occasionally or should it be kept upstairs? I don't have a really sunny window..."

NGA answered:
"If you don't have a sunny winter in which to grow your mandevilla over the winter, you can let it go dormant so it won't need..."

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Bren asked:
"Let's share gardening myths. What are some of the zaniest tips on gardening you have ever heard?"

Felder answered:
"Bury a rusty nail under your hydrangeas and they will change color. Drop chewing gum in vole holes to kill them. Thunder in February, frost in April..."

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