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Provide Bird Shelter with a Brush Pile

One of the essentials for a welcoming environment for birds -- and other wildlife -- is shelter. They need shelter from the elements and predators. Selection and placement of plants...

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Bird-Friendly Gardening

Most of us gardeners have put up a bird feeder or two, hoping to attract a few winged beauties to our backyard. We love watching birds through the window as they flock to the feeder or play...

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13 Ways to Attract Birds to Your Backyard

Learn how to make your backyard the ultimate year-round oasis for wild birds and their families...

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Ask & Share Community Highlights

Jennifer asked:
"What is the best time to cut a mixed hedge to protect the birds nesting there, mostly sparrows..."

Felder answered:
"Great question, and we appreciate your concern for wildlife! Birds and other wildlife certainly need protection from the elements in the winter but..."

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Grand asked:
"My mom has a Hibiscus 'Sultry Kiss' and a Hibiscus 'Kopper King' in her Minnesota. Do we cut them down for the winter?"

NGA answered:
"You can cut back your hardy hibiscus plants to about 3-4 inches in the fall after frost has killed the tops or you can leave them standing for winter..."

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