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Starting Tomatoes Indoors

Is it time? Can I start my tomato seeds yet? We're all eager for spring, but starting your tomato seeds too early is a bad idea. You don't want to end up with leggy, weak seedlings do you? Follow these steps for a crop of strong, bushy tomato plants...

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Getting the Most from Each Tomato Plant

Tomatoes are America's favorite home garden vegetable. And no wonder! Nothing beats the taste of a ripe homegrown tomato picked fresh from the garden. Follow these tips and you'll harvest more and better tomatoes from each of your plants...

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Tomato Varieties for Your Container Garden

Here are some tomato varieties that could be happy additions to your container garden...

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Ask & Share Community Highlights

Betty asked:
"What causes tomatoes to get black spots on the bottoms? Is it a disease that makes the fruit inedible? "

NGA answered:
"This is a problem called blossom end rot that's caused by a lack of calcium in the developing tomato. The problem is not usually that the soil is deficient in calcium, but because the roots of the plant aren't..."

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Jan asked:
"I have beautiful healthy tomato plants but no tomatoes. My blooms just seem to fall off. Help!"

NGA answered:
"Temperatures that are too high can lead to blossom drop on tomatoes. When day temperatures are above 85 or nights above 70, flowers often drop without setting fruit. Too much high nitrogen fertilizer can also cause plants to make..."

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