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Tips on Pruning Timing and Techniquess

Early spring is a great time to prune many trees and shrubs. Start by making sure your pruning tools are nice and sharp. Then check out the following pruning tips for successful...

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Choosing the Right Pruning Tools

I love garden tools. When I have the right tool in my hand I feel like I can do anything. Without the right tool, working in the garden is a struggle. Back when I took my first horticulture class...

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How to Prune Shrubs

When you prune a shrub depends mostly on when it blooms. Here are the basics of pruning woody plants...

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Ask & Share Community Highlights

jemer asked:
"I pruned my hydrangea tree and it's not blooming yet. Did I ruin the tree for good?"

NGA answered:
"Hydrangeas pruned to a tree form are usually panicle hydrangeas (H. paniculata). This type of hydrangea sets flower buds and blooms on wood that grows..."

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An Anonymous User asked:
"When will I need to prune my persimmon tree?"

NGA answered:
"If you are just starting out with a young tree, you'll want to prune it to help it develop a strong central leader and well-placed scaffold branches. A mild day..."

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