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Composting -- Without a Compost Pile

We all know that adding compost is the best thing you can do for your garden. It helps build a healthy soil, makes nutrients available to plants, improves water retention, and recycles...

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Make Your Own Compost

One of the best ways to make sure you're raising healthy plants is to promote the growth of vigorous roots. Strong roots come from healthy soil. Regularly mixing compost into your soil ...

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Composting Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds, along with paper coffee filters, are great as an ingredient with compost...

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Ask & Share Community Highlights

Benjamin asked:
"How and when should I use my compost I'm my raised garden bed? Winter is nearing and I'm wondering if I should put my compost in my garden before snow comes or just keep my compost..."

Felder answered:
"Adding compost in either spring or fall is beneficial to your soil. If you've got plenty of compost, adding an inch or two to your garden beds..."

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Larry asked:
"I grew blue potatoes this year for the first time and the plants have clusters of round objects on them. Are they seeds for next year?"

Felder answered:
"Yup. Potatoes are close relatives of tomatoes and peppers and eggplants, and make little "fruits" which contain seeds. MOST of the time..."

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