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A Dozen Tips for Starting Plants from Seed

There are three excellent reasons to start plants from seed. First, you'll have many more varieties to choose from. Garden centers and greenhouses usually only offer the most popular plants and leave many new or old-fashioned varieties...

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Easy Plants to Start from Seed

Why would anyone want to start a plant from seed when it's so easy to buy plants at the garden center? It's WAY cheaper to buy seeds than to buy plants. A package of seeds often costs less than $2.00 and that's for 10 to 30 seeds...

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15 Clever Ways to Start Seeds

Get growing with these fun, inexpensive seed-starting projects...

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Ask & Share Community Highlights

An anonymous user asked:
"I live in Alaska and I'm not sure when to start tomato seeds up here. When do I start seeds in the house and when do I plant seedlings outside?"

NGA answered:
"The timing of seed starting depends on the average date of the last frost where you garden. If you don't know this date, check with your local Extension Service or with experienced..."

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Patricia asked:
"I have seeds leftover from last year and the year before. Are they still useable?"

NGA answered:
"Most vegetable seeds and many flower seeds remain viable for at least a couple of years if they are stored dry and reasonably cool. Some, such as sweet corn, onion, leeks, parsley, and..."

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