Celebrating the Seasons
From October 2008 E-newsletter


Put your creative hat on. You might see a plain red pepper; I see the makings of a perfect tongue! That watercress? Curly hair indeed! These boo-wiches are a creative twist for sandwiches using ingredients you probably already have. The kids will scream and holler with excitement when they see one of these guys on their plate!

What you need:

  • Potato rolls, cottage rolls, or whole grain rolls
  • Variety of deli meats
  • Condiments of choice
  • Various veggies: lettuce, watercress or parsley, pickles, olives, cucumbers, etc.
  • Toothpicks
  • A creative eye!

Putting Them Together:

Cut a roll in half and make a sandwich as you normally would, and place it on a plate. Now get creative! Give it a ghoulish touch by using the garnishes to make faces. What do you have to make eyes? Olives work great, especially pimento-filled green olives sliced in half. Carrots cut in rounds about 1/4 inch thick will do the trick. What about hair? Many herbs will fit the bill and add a touch of flavor, too. Try dill, parsley, or watercress, for example.

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