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Nature's Air Filters

You can spend a lot of money on fancy filters that clean the air in your home, or you can let Mother Nature have her hand at it. Houseplants are more than decorative home accessories; they are green machines working 24-7 to suck in polluted air and release clean, oxygen-rich air for us to breathe. Who would have thought those plants sitting in the corner are doing more than just looking good!

Studies done at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) prove that many common houseplants actually reduce gases and pollutants in the air. The pollution derives from carpet, furniture, building materials, smoke, and cleaning supplies. NASA found that two to three plants placed in an average sized room remove up to 87 percent of air pollutants, thus improving air quality. And for those of you in newer homes, where air exchange may be minimal, this is great news.

Top-10 Plants for Cleaning the Air

Areca palm

Australian sword fern

Boston fern

Dwarf date palm

English ivy

Janet Craig dracaena

Peace lily

Reed palm

Rubber plant

Weeping fig

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