Celebrating the Seasons

From April 2008 E-newsletter

Knock! Knock! Who's There?

Here's a fun way to herald in spring and recycle, too. Share your excitement with friends and neighbors by giving them a colorful door knocker bouquet.

You can use a basket or a vase, but I prefer the whimsy of a colorful tin can straight out of the recycling bin. I've found tomato cans (with the labels still intact) to be the perfect container to set off the bright color of cherry red gerber daisies.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Container flowers — either as a rooted plant or cut flowers
  • Plastic sandwich bag
  • Moss
  • Jute or paper coated wire

Carefully clean a container, and make sure any sharp edges are trimmed. If you are using a rooted plant, gently remove it from its original container, place the root ball into the plastic sandwich bag, then gently water. If you are using cut flowers, trim stems to fit the container, place the flower stems into the plastic bag, and pour in some water. Gather the opening of the bag and loosely tie it around the stems with jute or paper-coated wire.

Now slip the bag into the clean can, tucking in any evidence of the plastic bag. Use pieces of damp moss to fill in around the base of the plant. To keep it looking natural, allow some moss to spill gently over the sides of the container. To make a hanger, wrap covered wire or jute tightly around the can and secure. Attach a longer piece to form the hanger. Replace plants and flowers as needed to keep the arrangement looking fresh.

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