Celebrating the Seasons

Favorite Container Garden Combination

Container gardening is an easy way to keep plants close by, where you can enjoy them, and a large, dramatic planter can be a focal point for a porch or patio. Here's a successful combination of succulents and thyme. These plants have similar requirements and grow beautifully together. Echeveria 'The Rose' steals the show with its scalloped pink foliage, but if you wait long enough Echeveria 'Gigantean' will sport a pink flower stalk that complements its cousin. The silvery foliage of the variegated thyme blends with the pastel colors in the succulents and offers wonderful texture. Sedum dripping over edge tangles romantically with the ipomoea. This collection will thrive in a sunny location. Keep it fed and watered and it will give you a long season of pleasure.


  • Echeveria 'The Rose'
  • Sedum 'Iceberg'
  • Echeveria 'Gigantean'
  • Variegated thyme
  • Ipomoea 'Sweet Caroline Bronze'
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