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Think Green...in the Garden

My grandfather taught me to give back to the earth, so I'm doing my part to read labels and select products that are safe, clean, and green. Many products sold to help beautify our backyards are also considered hazardous waste ... more »

Beet Salad

This is a favorite recipe from a quaint Greek restaurant in Minneapolis named Gardens of Solenica. The garlic-spiked vinaigrette brings out the natural sweetness of the beets ... more »

Favorite Container Garden Combination

Container gardening is an easy way to keep plants close by, where you can enjoy them, and a large, dramatic planter can be a focal point for a porch or patio. Here's a successful combination ... more »

Gabby Gardeners

Question: Is it true that daffodils can't be put in the same vase with other flowers?

Rebecca says: Daffodils produce a sap that can reduce the vase life of other flowers. It's best to either keep them as a separate bouquet, or allow them to sit in their own vase of water for a day before adding them to an arrangement with other fresh flowers.

Question: I'm new to gardening, and last year I started seeds indoors. They were growing nicely, but then toppled over! What happened?

Rebecca says: Sounds like your seedlings succumbed to damping off, a disease caused by a soil-borne fungi called fusarium, which weakens stems so they can no longer take up water. Overwatering and poor air circulation encourage the disease. Next time, allow more space between seedlings. Water only as needed, preferably in the morning on sunny days, and place a fan near the plants to keep the air circulating.

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