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What's eating my pansies?

What's eating my pansies?
Posted by Beth from So. Cal on 2001-03-20 15:55:47

Ok..I live on the coast in southern
California and I have a pot garden on my
patio that is on the second floor. I
thought it might be snails so I used
"That's -It" that has worked like a
charm in the past... but this time there
really is no evidence of snails at
all. Anyway, my pansies are getting
being chewed down to the nub.. it's very
strange... LOL maybe we have bunnies
that can jump two stories? Any ideas?
  • Sounds like a critter
    Posted by Paulette from MN on 2001-03-20 15:57:06

    Since your plants are being chewed down
    to a nub,it does sound like it might be
    an animal. Insects don't usually eat
    stems and all. Do you have a cat in the
    neighborhood? Do all the plants get
    eaten at once or is it over a period of
    • Birds?
      Posted by Beth from So. Cal on 2001-03-20 15:58:05

      Well, there is really no way for cats to
      get on the patio without flying. They
      aren't all attacked at the same time.
      Plants get chewed in different
      fashions.. from down to the nub to only
      taking all the flowers. Do you think
      birds might be doing this?
      • Try this
        Posted by B clarke from CT on 2001-03-20 15:59:59

        I don't know if this will help or not,
        but here goes. By snails I assume you
        don't mean slugs, but actual garden
        snails. Try looking for slugs hiding in
        dark, moist areas during the day or
        under the pots themselves. Place a small
        board on top of the soil in the pot and
        check under it daily to see if any are
        there. As far as animals, birds may be
        doing some damage but you would probably
        see them during the day. It may be a
        squirrel -- they're very acrobatic and
        can climb buildings, especially if they
        have a tasty salad waiting for them. You
        could sprinkle some white flour around
        the pot to see if someone leaves tracks
        behind. Good luck!
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