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Scouting for Bugs

Scouting for Bugs
Posted by Daryl from Georgia/Zone 7 on 2001-03-20 10:45:57

In many parts of the country, it's time
to start scouting for bugs. Since many
hide underneath leaves, "turn over a
new leaf" and check.
Tapping a branch over a white index
card or junk mail envelope can reveal
many insects that are too timy to see
Before you reach for the spray can,
though, check out the good bugs at the
University of Idaho website.

  • Surround for the Home
    Posted by Ber from VT on 2001-03-20 11:12:39

    And if you do find pests, you may want
    to consider this new product from
    Gardens Alive. I read about Surround in
    the American Research Service bulletin.
    This all-around pest control -- good
    against mites, insects, and fungi--
    sounds a little too good to be true, but
    the reported results are positive. Very
    little negative effect on beneficials
    has been reported thus far.
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