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temperature - forcing bulbs

temperature - forcing bulbs
Posted by John Seegers ( from IL on 2002-01-02 08:59:34

I'm having problems finding a place in my house to store planted bulbs that is under 55 degrees and yet will not drop below 32 degree occasionally. How serious is it to the forcing process if over the 12-14 week cooling period, the soil and bulbs (hyacinths, daffodils, & tulips) occasionally dropped below 32 degrees for a day or two, or, if, in order to prevent freezing, the pots were brought into 50-55 degree conditions for 3-4 days and then put back to an average of 40 degrees again after the outside temperature moderated again? I do not have room in the refrigerator to store the planted pots. ----JMS, Harvard, IL
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