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Hypertufa planter forms

Hypertufa planter forms
Posted by Peter from NY on 2001-03-20 12:42:44

I am considering making Hypertufa
planters ( peat/portland cement sand)
Does anyone have suggestions about
making the molds or building forms?
Also, how long do these planters last
  • hypertufa
    Posted by Gayle ( from PA zone 6 on 2006-03-21 08:27:00

    The pots can be made inside any plastic bowl or container you have around, like an old dish pan. You can also get nice ones at the dollar store. You need to line them with a plastic bag so you can get them out when they're set, (about 2 days.) They last pretty much forever.
  • you might ask Pam
    Posted by steven from on 2001-03-20 12:49:24

    Hi Peter, I don't know the answer, but
    if anyone does, it would be Pam. Check
    out her Web site -- her email address is
    near the top of the page. And please
    come back and tell us what you find
    out! tahnks!

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