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Growing a bulb from scratch

Growing a bulb from scratch
Posted by Amanda from CA on 2001-03-20 11:40:08

i would like to grow a bulb, where are
the seeds? can this be done?? i am a
beginner!! my plant is

please somebody help.
  • Amaryllis bulb has split into several small bulbs
    Posted by Rita Dalbec from Minnesota/4 on 2006-10-08 04:01:00

    This summer I planted my 2 amaryllis bulbs outdoors to gain sun nutrients. Unfortuantely, the bulbs grew and split into dozens (a couple dozen each) of small bulbs. Is is possible for me to replenish these bulbs to a mature size again (within a year or two) and maybe see them flower?

    Will I need to feed with a high phosphorus plant food? I am patient and will enjoy the challenge.

    Thanks for any help and advice. Rita
  • try this
    Posted by Nan from In on 2001-03-20 16:15:23

    If your plant's flower was definitely
    pollinated, after the flower head dries
    the seeds will be just about where the
    flower head meets the stem, likely
    closed in some type of papery pod. The
    seeds are black, also rather papery,
    flat and the shape is (loosely) disklike
    (but at the same time irregularly
    shaped) ...about the size of your pinky
    fingernail. Plant these seeds 'sideways'
    in good draining soil, not totally
    covered, cover the pot with plastic,
    keep it in about a 65-75 degree place,
    and....wait! You'll see grasslike
    sprouts, in time. I planted some once
    and they took a few months to germinate.
    You must then continue growing the small
    plants, not giving them a rest as you
    must do with amaryllis bulbs themselves.
    Sometime in their second year of growth
    the plants will have begun to form a
    bulb. After they do form that
    bulb...they need a rest as do mature
    amaryllis bulbs.
    • amaryllis rest
      Posted by k lewis from fl on 2005-05-25 09:09:00

      what does "a rest mean"? got my papery seeds planted and going to follow your directions, but don't know what "rest" implies.
      • Amaryllis rest
        Posted by Zane ( from West Virginia on 2010-12-27 09:14:00

        A lot of people like to put their amaryllis in a rest mode, meaning when the leaves yellow in late fall you stop watering and keep them in a cool spot. However I do not practice that, I allow my bulbs to do whatever they want to do. They usually bloom in spring and summer.
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