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Moonflowers/Morning Glories

Moonflowers/Morning Glories
Posted by Robert from Maryland/7a on 2010-04-30 12:23:00

I have been trying to grow Moonflowers/Morning Glories for about a month now. I started from scratch with seeds, sowing them indoors in Jiffy Seed starter boxes. I had soaked all the seeds at least 24 hours before sowing them. They broke the soil very soon after sowing (1 week), and I waited about 2 more weeks before transplanting them to coconut lined window boxes. The Jiffy seed starter kit said to slowly introduce the growth to the sun, so I put them in my window sill that faces West. They were getting about 4-6 hrs of sun in late afternoon before I put them outside. Since putting them outside, they have all basically died. We have not had a frost here in Baltimore. However, we have had a couple of days where the lows were in the low-mid 40s. Why aren't these growing?!?!?!
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