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Mosquitoes and dragonflies

Mosquitoes and dragonflies
Posted by Rebulah Conundrum from Massachusetts on 2010-04-06 04:58:00

Hi everyone!
Sorry if this is has been covered in a previous post, but I'm desperate for some assistance for plants that might help to remove mosquitoes from our garden.

Our garden in Wayland, Massachusetts backs onto a large neighbouring standing water swamp which we do not have access to and which is a breeding ground for mosquitos. The swamp itself is a protected wetlands and we are unable to approach the swamp water directly.

I was wondering if there are any specific shade loving plants that you would recommend which are native to Massachusetts which might help to attract predators of mosquitos (perhaps in particular dragonflies) to our garden. We would prefer to plant on the perimeter of the swamp since we would prefer not to use chemical means if possible.

Many thanks for any suggestions and help as it is greatly appreciated from a novice gardener!
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