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No blooms last yr. on the hydrangea

No blooms last yr. on the hydrangea
Posted by ZinniaDC from MD/6 on 2010-03-29 03:58:00

If no blooms where on a hydrangea bush last year,does that mean the bush is dead and we can only plan to see those beautiful leaves again.
Help, Spring is here


  • Hydrangeas Not Flowering
    Posted by Randy Gibbs from Va. Beach Va. Z on 2010-03-31 07:20:00

    It is early spring here in Va. Beach Va. I did not get around to cutting back any spent Flowers this late fall, however every one of my Hydrangeas have leafed out nicely and I will cut back any dead wood shortly. To get the flowers you should Fertilize shortly. I usually nake holes with a metal stake around the entire base of the plants so the Liquid Fertilizer will drain down to the root systems rather than run off and away from the root systems. I grow Hydrangeas and many other plants to sell so I get few Flowers as I take the Cuttings off the Plants prior to the Flower buds have a chance to develope.I Assume you know if you want Pink/Red Flowers you need to add Lime to the growing soil. Should you want Blue Flowers you need to add Aluminum Sulfate to the ground soil to make the soil more acid and therefore you will have deeper color blue flowers. Randy Gibbs in Va. Beach Va.
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