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Wisteria SOS!!!

Wisteria SOS!!!
Posted by Sherrie from Ontario Canada on 2010-03-28 11:02:00

Can anyone help. I have a beautiful wisteria vine that grows rampant every year. Last fall my husband cut down all the vine and left about 4ft tall of the original vine. I see lost of shoot of other plants starting and nothing of this vine. Did he kill it? We have always cut it back and it comes back. I have some phosphate fertilzer, should I try that? Thanks
  • Wisteria
    Posted by Sharon Hightower from OK/7b on 2010-05-05 02:14:00

    I've never known of anyone killing wisteria by cutting it down. I wouldn't fertilize it--if you do it will grow like crazy, but will not bloom. Treating a wisteria harshly--pruning heavily, root pruning--causes it to bloom more. It could be that a harder than usual winter is causing it to come out later. We had a hard winter here and things are late coming out.
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