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Posted by Michele C from NJ/6B on 2010-03-26 12:46:00

In the past my daffodils had dozens of flowers. This year is an exception - they have very few. I always leave the leaves in place removing them only after they are wilted and brown. How can I have more flowers next year?
  • Daffodils
    Posted by Donna from DE on 2010-04-15 08:32:00

    I'm not an expert,but a neighbor of mine was. She said this was a bad year for daffodils. They are all lacking in flowers this year - well here in DE.
  • Daffodils- try this
    Posted by ZinniaDC from MD/6 on 2010-03-29 04:16:00

    Several yrs. ago in another home, we had many, many daffodils. The advice given me worked beautiful. Now they were crowded so I was told to remove some and feed all of them with bone meal and they were beautiful, everyone the saw them had wonderful things to say. This was done after the green leaves died. Best to you.
    Now if you are missing flowers, you may have little friends that have eaten the bulbs. That is another encounter I had somewhere else.
    Daffodils, a favorite


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