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building a shade bed

building a shade bed
Posted by Jeremiah johnson from tn on 2010-03-22 08:31:00

HI, can anyone help! I have a area in my yard that the fescue for the most part dies out each year and this year i would like to make a bed around this area and plant Pacasandra but I don't want the grass that lives to come up through the ground cover. What is the best way to plant without grass coming up? Thanks, jj
  • Grass coming up in new bed
    Posted by Voni from MN on 2010-03-28 11:36:00

    The best and easiest way is to use Round Up. It will kill the roots and all, just be careful when you use it not to get it on anything that you don't want to die. It will kill anything green. Nor do you want to use it when it is windy or before a big rain. The rain could wash it some. I think the new Round Up takes maybe a day but I would wait a few days if you can.
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