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Flower beds- Help

Flower beds- Help
Posted by Kate from Wisconsin on 2010-03-03 11:48:00

The house I currently live in was once a bachelor pad. Instead of dealing with the flower beds that are on the west and south side of the house, they planted small bushes in the beds and filled in the remaining void with rocks. Last year I had shepherds hooks with a few plants hanging on them but they quickly died. This year I am looking to plant Cosmos and Bachelor Buttons in the beds but I do not plan to remove the rocks. I am simply going to move them to the side in the areas that I will be planting. Underneath the rocks there is a mesh cloth that I plan to cut through to make way for the flowers and there is plenty of dirt as well. Any ideas for any other plants/flowers that can handle a lot of sun (I live in Wisconsin so it does not get insanely hot)? Or any pointers on how to go about planting with the rocks in the way?
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    Posted by Linda Matz from Washington 7/8 on 2010-03-12 03:42:00

    Autum Joy Sedums and Crocosmia would be nice. Callendula is a great perennial too, because it reseeds and would probably come up through some of the rocks the next year.

    Removing rocks and making a focal point at the same time....cut a piece of wire fencing big enough to make a 3 or 4 foot tall cyclinder in any diameter you choose....pound in a stake of some kind in the middle and then fill with rocks as you go. When full you can set a huge terrecota flower pot tray on top and add water or seed for the birds!

    Linda Matz

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