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Animal biting plants off at stem and carrying elsewhere

Animal biting plants off at stem and carrying elsewhere
Posted by PeterE from CA - Orange Cou on 2010-01-24 02:42:00

It seems some animal is biting various plants off at the stem and carrying the part bitten off some distance (maybe for a nest?). Most of the 16 pansies we have planted have either had their flowers bitten off, or had their stems bitten off at or near ground level, and the tops have been carried away some 4 to 10 feet or more. We have also had lemon tree shoots, chrysanthemum flowers, hibiscus flowers and others bitten off and carried away, often being placed under the barbecue or under a stack of chairs as if for a nest, although sometimes they are just left in the open. Rodent traps have caught nothing. It doesn't appear to be snails or slugs since they don't normally carry things off, and rabbits normally consume on the spot, to the best of my knowledge.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what may be doing this?

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