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Jack and the beanstalk...HELP!!!

Jack and the beanstalk...HELP!!!
Posted by Franco C. from Edmonton on 2010-01-10 04:05:00

hello, i'm an inexperienced gardener who needs help with a few questions. I need to grow a beanstalk for a science competition and i have a choice with all these different varieties of bean plants:
-Royal Burgundy
-Pencil Pod
-Black wax
-Golden wax
-Stringless Green Pod
-Broad Windsor
-Scarlet Runner
-Blue Lake Pole
-Top Crop
-Romanette Bush
thaty's the list i have to chose from. now i plan on taking the top three of these plants to grow based on the following criteria:
-biggect leaves
-biggest trunk
-biggest Beans
-highest plant
-greenest colour
-sweetest tasting beans

and i only have less than 8 weeks to grow the beanplant from a seed.

my question is which one will grow the fastest and provide me with the optimum score based on the above criteria?

concordantly, i have a side question which is; what different techniques and chemicals will aid my beanstalk to grow faster? brands?

thank you very much,
-an inqusitive student
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