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Garden Unique fountain balls

Garden Unique fountain balls
Posted by samrat from rajasthan on 2010-01-06 11:41:00

If you or your client are in the market for an extraordinary water feature for business or home, do not settle for just water movement alone; consider an object of art with interactive movement from massive pieces of stone and flowing water. Our granite rotating spheres ranging in size from 30 cm to 300cm, turning smoothly as the water flows from underneath the sphere. Appearing as though the massive stone is merely floating on water, the water sound and stone movement entice you to touch.
Granite rotating spheres are Monuments to Time, but for those of you that have never seen one, it is best described as an experience never forgotten. granite rotating spheres are ideal for Commercial entries both outdoor and within the lobby or reception area, residential indoor and outdoor, swimming pools, entertainment areas, office buildings, shopping canters, spas, country clubs, parks, museums, airports, libraries, golf courses and restaurants. Various styles and shapes of containers and bases are available, including self-contained fountains. The granite floating sphere fountains may be also added to your own pools, ponds, and related water features. Hand sculptured containers and bases can be designed to make your work truly a one of a kind.

brahma granitech

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