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noob here - plant is dying - pls help!!!

noob here - plant is dying - pls help!!!
Posted by sean ( from wa on 2009-12-04 04:00:00


i bought this plan and have been watering it once a week, but it's gotten pretty sick. please take a look at the pics & let me know if there something i can do... there is a white bug on it & the leaves have this sticky layer on them.


    Posted by FEB 2010 from IOWA on 2010-02-05 01:04:00

    Most likely the best stuff to use on your plant for bugs is the: RAID, House & Garden spray.
    It works great and it's convenient to use.
    The second thing to use is: Insecticidal soap, or a bug powder.
    Don't bother with insect oils.
    Maybe you got White-fly on it.
    Thrip will leave a webbing on the leaves.
    and Aphids are the easiest to kill off.
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