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Daylily Community Website

Daylily Community Website
Posted by Cary Petesron from UT on 2009-11-04 12:31:00

To The Daylily Community,

I have been watching you all answer questions over the past two years and have the honor of learning from the best. You are quick and funny. Always brings a smile to me almost every day. The Compassion to those you help it fills my heart. I have been given daylily gifts from the daylily community just because I was without. I have been impressed with the type of people here in the daylily community and want to return something to you in return.

I have created a website for daylily lovers without charge.

This website brings many things together that I think you would like. For start you would have a place to Post to your own picture Galleries. It includes a Glossary, FAQ, Forums, Member Groups, Calendar, Galleries, Live Chat with members, Facebook like content, E-Mail, store, and a classified section. The Classified Section is where you can buy and sell daylilies between members for free.

God Bless you all.

Cary Peterson – Daylily Enabler

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