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Pumpkin problems

Pumpkin problems
Posted by Alexandria from Central Ohio on 2009-09-15 07:28:00

This year I planted two different varieties of pumpkins (Atlantic Giants and Once in a Blue Moons), but since almost the beginning I have been having problems. The Vines grew like crazy at first, and both types began to produce female and male flowers. I have been hand polinating but despite this most of my Atlantic Giants have died before they got any bigger than a baseball and even the one that reached the size of a cantelopedidnt survive. They begin getting a little mushy and then mold. I have had a little more success with the Once in a Blue Moons, I have one decent sized pumpkin but after that one took the rest have all fallen right off of the vine before they begin to grow. What could be the problem, and could it have anything to do with the blight that has devastated my garden?
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