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what is this plant?

what is this plant?
Posted by debbie from canada on 2009-09-06 02:08:00

this plant is in my mom's yard in great falls, montana, can not find out what it is.
Perennial- height-3.5-4ft ,very fragrant!!, her's is white,lilac is possible another color(neighbor's plant), strong stems need to be cut with pruners semi-woody, pointed leaves-approx.2.5inches long that are staggered up stem from top to bottom of stalk. large,long heads of multiple flat-faced small flowers. multiple stalks from base which is approx. 1.5feet across, blooming late august. likes poor,dry soil and gets only morning sun. has been planted 7-10yrs. almost like a phlox on steroids! would love to find out name help is greatly appreciated!!
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