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Sugar pumpkins have gotten HUGE!

Sugar pumpkins have gotten HUGE!
Posted by Pat from Washington, zon on 2009-08-18 06:50:00

I planted two varieties of sugar pumpkin this year, both are supposed to grow to a typical sugar-pumpkin size: small. But most of mine are still green and huge! A couple are so big they've started flattening a bit from their size.

I'm thrilled that the vines are so happy, but why is the fruit so big???

I put in new raised beds this year, and the soil I filled them with contains mushroom compost. Could this be causing the extra exuberance?

(My spaghetti squash is also getting rather large, but since there are lots of melons on the vines, the size is still something you might find in a store...if the store carried large spaghetti squash. :)
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