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Posted by Karen from Oregon on 2009-08-01 12:38:00

Hi I have a question/concern about arbivortae. A couple months ago my parents and I put in about 4 arbivortae in our front yard as a privacy hedge and later put about 16 more by our backyard. Recently my dad noticed some yellow/pale green looking buds growing on some of the arbivortae in our backyard. None of the plants in our front yard have these and we are concerned as to whether it could be a disease. I'm not much of a gardener and my dad isn't either (my mum is but she's out of town right now). I also don't know what kind of arbivortae they are, only that they have been growing well. Hopefully you can help us. We'd be devastated if it was disease because we've spent nearly $1000 on them.
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