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oranges not ripening on tree

oranges not ripening on tree
Posted by Katherine from California / zo on 2009-07-07 02:53:00

Hi. I've got a question about our orange tree. It has borne a lot of fruit, but it's still all green. It hasn't ripened at all, and it's been that way a long time -- a few months at least. The lemon tree next to it is fine -- it bears fruit, ripens, etc.. The only difference between the two that I'm aware of is that the lemon tree gets watered by our sprinklers on a regular basis, while the orange tree does not. I have been watering the orange tree deeply about once a month, though (by dragging the hose over to it, turning it on at a trickle, and leaving it there overnight.). If I water the orange tree more regularly, will that cause it to ripen?
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