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Any ideas for a few types of plants

Any ideas for a few types of plants
Posted by Amy from PA on 2009-07-07 07:51:00

I was a hoping a more experienced gardener than myself would have some ideas on what to do with a bed I am getting ready to plant. We have a small swimming pool that is built up on a raised box, about 2 feet in front of that box is our children's swingset. So there is this 2 feet of unused space in between the playset and the box that is awful to try to take a lawnmower through! So, I was going to plant a bunch of daylilies there (it receives alot of sun) then I got to thinking maybe a few different plants would do better there. If you had a 2 foot by about 10 foot space between your swingset and a small wall...what would you fill it with? Thanks for ANY help... :)
  • Small garden
    Posted by Denise Missall from NJ on 2009-07-09 11:08:00

    Being that the area is a controlled space. Daylilies would do fine, but they do have a short season, unless you do the stella doro or another multi bloomer. Do you have problems with deer? I live in Northwest NJ and that (as well as woodchuck) are my biggest problems.
    My suggestions would be goose neck loosestrife, bea balm or obedient plant. Or a comination of them all. They are all beautiful flowers that last a long time and deer resistant. If you are near Sussex Co. NJ I could offer you some goose neck. I just love them but they are invasive if not in the right area. They are great cutting flowers too!
    Good luck, Denise
  • 2feet
    Posted by Jason W from California on 2009-07-07 03:54:00

    I would fill it with marigolds but I am bias towards them.
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