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day lillies/changing color

day lillies/changing color
Posted by Barb ( from Ohio on 2009-07-06 11:20:00

Three years ago I transplanted several day lillies from one home to another. They were all one color....the common orange. After I transplanted them, the next spring, the same plants bloomed in a variety of colors, large yellow blooms, red and brown blooms on others. I was excited. They were so beautiful. This year after 3 years of the lovely colors, they are now all orange again. What's happening! Is it possible, the color portion turned back to the original hearty color, perahps what it was crossed with to get the colors? I'm confused, but mostly disappointed. Would it help if I transplated them? They aren't really thick, but of course they have multiplied since the original planting 3 years ago. If someone could comment on this, I would be very appreciative.
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