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Fire ants!

Fire ants!
Posted by Betty from Texas on 2009-07-01 03:17:00

Does anyone know how to get rid of fire ants in my soil? Are there any products I can use?
  • get rid of your fire ants
    Posted by gardener from TX / 8 on 2009-07-05 07:59:00

    Dried molasses is the best product I have ever used for this. Dried molasses is available from your feed store in 50 pound bags, and it is a staple of an organic program. Don't have a feed store nearby? You can buy liquid molasses, dilute it with water, and apply it with a hose end sprayer. Fire ants hate the stuff, and the second you apply it, they will go elsewhere. It works by energizing other microbes in the soil. Fire ants prefer dry barren and lifeless soil. Add life to your soil, and you'll have fewer fire ants.
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