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Flowering Crabapple Tree

Flowering Crabapple Tree
Posted by Jennifer ( from IL zone 5 on 2009-06-25 08:27:00

about 2 years ago i got two flowering crabapple trees from Arbor Day and planted them in the ground and they have been doing great. This year they started out well. Last week we had a very nasty storm with 80 mph winds with lots of rain and then the next day 60 mph winds wsith even more rain and now the trees seem to be dieing. Is it because of all that rain? Or could it be from something else? We have had so much rain over the last few months, nothing has really had a chance to dry out yet. I even have some kind of fungus growing on my garage floor that is all dirt. If some one could help me figure out what is wrong with my trees I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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