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Orphaned Lilies

Orphaned Lilies
Posted by Jenny from Buckley, Wa on 2009-06-24 07:05:00

Last night, a friend gave me a large 3 gallon sized pot with stargazer type lillies in it. They are HUGE 4 1/2 to 5 ft tall, and there are 3 large stems and numerous "babies" shooting off the bottom. Each main stem has literally a dozen or more buds that are a range of maroon thru light green. The babies have 1-3 buds each. As near as I can find, they might be Sumatra lillies. I have Stargazers outdoors that do not get anywhere this big, nor do they have so many flowers.
My problem is, the babies are flopping all over the place, and several got broken in the move from her house to my deck. Should I wait until the blooming period is over before trying to sort them out, or what? This pot is overflowing to bursting, and I am going to tie a string around the whole thing to keep them upright. Should I feed during this time, or just water? She said she potted them from one plant bulb last spring with Miracle Grow potting soil, and has only fed them MG in water once since then. I think I would prefer to keep them in pots, if possible, but any advice is appreciated. Thanks, Jenny
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