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Bird's Nest Fungus

Bird's Nest Fungus
Posted by Alison from Southern Indian on 2009-06-13 09:37:00

My organic garden has a bad case of Bird's Nest Fungus - white small balls that open up to release their dark spores. How do I get rid of this fungus, and prevent it from coming back? Will my vegetables still be edible?
  • Bird's Nest Fungus
    Posted by Ron L from California on 2009-10-07 08:33:00

    I have found a lot of this in my garden recently. From what I have found (online and from the nursery), it is not bad for the garden but is rather invasive. The seeds are released once the "nests" open up and rain falls on them, splashing the seeds (spore pods actually) out of the "nests".

    So you should be able to get rid of them eventually, or at least control them, by digging them up before they open.
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