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What are these plants?

What are these plants?
Posted by Melody Coates from California on 2009-06-01 11:53:00

Ok some background.

I am gardening in my back yard. But I also have a piece of property in the country that I have corn, okra and stuff like that on. I use it for the taller stuff that I don't have room for here in town. While watering the other day I noticed these plants and after research realize they are tomatillo plants. About 50 of them. The land has been farmed a lot in the past 60 years. However, it has not had ANYTHING planted on it in the past 5-7 years. Just weeds. No water except for the rain. Ok, so that's the background.

Today I go out and on the far right side of the property I see these plants. Now they very well could be weeds, and if so I have no trouble in taking them down. However, if it is a cool fruit or veggie (I've never seen one before) then I want to find out how to really take care of it etc. There is also another plant that I have no idea what it is either. If you know or even have a clue, please let me know. You'll notice that the first two pictures, they have blooms, but they also have what looks like a fruit with prickly peeling on it. Thanks.
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