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green ash tree pods

green ash tree pods
Posted by Diane from Denver Colorado on 2009-05-31 06:09:00

Our green ash trees produce pods most (though not all) years, those annoying little exclamation point-shaped seedlings that have a killer pointed end and litter the rest of my landscape (which results in thousands of baby ash trees the next spring). Usually the pods dry and fall off with winter snow, or certainly with spring wind. But this year we still have literally thousands of these pods on the trees, and it's almost June! I have seen other green ashes around town with the same problem. New leaves and growth have come out around the pods, but there's still a big portion of the tree that looks dead - because of these brown, now-very-dry pods. What to do? Cut off the branches with pods? Wait? Why are these things so tenacious this year? And is there any way to prevent the pods?
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