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Deadheading Snowdrop Anemone

Deadheading Snowdrop Anemone
Posted by Cheryl from Illinois on 2009-05-27 09:42:00

For the 1st time I planted Snowdrop Anemone. The white flowers have fallen off. Do i remove the ball at the end or the entire stem that is about 8 inches? Or do I just leave them as they are?
  • Snowdrop Anemone
    Posted by julie from indiana on 2009-06-20 08:01:00

    My Snowdrop Anemone has spread nicely and when the flowers have fallen off, I leave the seed heads on the end stem. They eventually burst into a cotton ball, which looks interesting. Also, if they get a good rain or if the temp cools a bit, they bloom again.
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