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Something is eating/removing tomato branches

Something is eating/removing tomato branches
Posted by Julia from NY on 2009-05-26 12:20:00

I am desperate for some advice. My friend gave me some tomato plants from a farm that he works on. I since transplanted half of them in large pots and half in my small garden. Since then something has been eating/removing whole branches. I have not yet found a branch that was removed, on the ground, so I am guessing that they are eating the whole thing. Two of the plants in the garden only have the top branches remaining and one of my potted plants have been affected also. I have spent a lot of time researching possible pests but I have not found anything that sounds like what I have. I have a backyard that is completely closed off from rodents, deer, and rabbits. The only animals that could enter would be squirrels and birds. A friend suggested cut worms, but I researched that they usually cut the bottom of the plant. Could weevils be involved? Please help!
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