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Iris and lillies

Iris and lillies
Posted by Ginny Bracken ( from massachusetts/4 on 2009-05-24 04:38:00

Hi, I have 6 Beverly Sills Bearded Iris plants. Th broad leaves yellow and have wholes. I have not seen any bugs on them. What causes the leaves to yellow? ANd obviously with the wholes something is eating the leaves. ANy suggestions.

ALso, three lily plants, definitely have small red bugs, I think it is a red mite. Seriously eating the leaves.
And at the base of the plant the stems are very yellow and mushy. Any ideas ow what is causing that, and how do I get rid of the red mites. I did spray the foilage with K+neen, but I think they are still there.
Would appreciate any suggestions and helpful hints on both these problems
Thank you
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