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What soil to use for new flowerbeds?

What soil to use for new flowerbeds?
Posted by Andrei Outkine from Richmond, VA on 2009-05-21 03:48:00

We recently moved into a new house and just finished redesigning our small backyard. We have paved most of it, but left two 1 yard wide strips for flowerbeds. We now need to add soil to the flowerbeds to raise the ground's level, provide adequate support to the retaining walls surrounding them and create an environment our plants can flourish in. I need some help figuring out what to fill the flowerbeds with. I've done a tiny bit of research and looks like the best option is to use a mix of non-organic and organic matter. I need some advice on how to go about the selection of both. For non-organic, I am thinking about ordering "screened topsoil" from a local landscaping shop. Is that usually good enough for flowers, herbs and bushes (which is what we intend to grow)? Another option is buying some type of potting mix from Lowes, but it seems much more expensive (I need a good 2 cubic yards). As for organic matter, compost and peat moss comes to mind. Do I need both? In what proportions should I mix them? Any other advice relevant to the subject would be highly appreciated. Thanks.
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