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Controlling Lubber Grasshoppers( Romalea microptera

Controlling Lubber Grasshoppers( Romalea microptera
Posted by Tee McCoy from Louisiana on 2009-05-14 09:39:00

Hey all you Lubber Grasshopper infested gardeners!( Like we are here on the Bayou in Louisiana!) My husband and I for many years have been picking them off the the tops of vegetation( whatever they devoured all day and climbed to the top of for the night) at sunset or early in the morning. This morning my husband had a brainstorm and has the extension cord and his big shop vacuum sucking them into the shop vac. It works like a charm and they don't see it coming. He opened the shop vac container and has thousands of the juvenilles in there. We're not sure how to dispose of them yet, but it's much easier than chasing them by hand and squashing them. I just had to share the progress!

Controlling Lubber Grasshoppers

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