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Rose of Sharons

Rose of Sharons
Posted by Robert Wise ( from michigan/5b on 2009-05-07 01:08:00

does anyone have any pros & cons on the growing of them, wife does most gardening she likes her lilacs, Rose of Sharons, hope to hear from you.
  • Rose of Sharon's
    Posted by Ann in Valley Forge from Pa. on 2009-05-13 01:07:00

    I am a big fan of the Rose of Sharon. Just be warned - they spread like crazy. The deer enjoy muching up the spent flowers & basically leave the plant alone. For once, the deer are helping & not harming. Enjoy!
  • Rose of Sharon
    Posted by Renee from South Carolina on 2009-05-07 03:36:00

    I really like the plant because it is relatively maintenance free, the color is beautiful. Of course it needs to be fertilized. I use the irrigation system I put in,on a timer.
    • Rose of Sharon's
      Posted by Ann in Valley Forge from Pa. on 2009-05-22 01:12:00

      Maybe you have poor soil but I've never fertilized my Rose of Sharon & they are doing great!
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