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flowering quince bush

flowering quince bush
Posted by Paul from New York on 2009-05-04 07:54:00

My wife planted a flowering quince bush for me as a gift three seasons ago. It is growing well and looks very healthy, but has never produced flowers. How can we get it to bloom?
  • Flowering Quince
    Posted by Theresa Ross Parrish from Southwest Arkan on 2009-05-22 03:12:00

    Perhaps it is just not old enough. We have three different types of flowering quince. The white blooms at the youngest age. The other varieties seem to need to get a few years older before they begin blooming. Also, you might not want to prune it when it is getting its new growth. My husband did that to our large white one which was overtaking the yard and we lost most of the blooms the next spring.
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