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growing vegetables in old nursery land?

growing vegetables in old nursery land?
Posted by dan gauntner ( from ohio on 2009-04-09 05:51:00

Four years ago I bought a new home built on land the builder bought from an active nursery. Is there any concern about pesticides, chemicals, etc., that might have been used by the nursery during its operations that would be a caution for growing a vegetable garden? The soil is basically clay and was rototilled and topsoil added (2") by a landscaper when the lawn was installed. Should any particular soil testing be performed before attempting to grow AND EAT the produce?
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    Posted by dlpetz from 8b southern NM on 2009-04-26 10:18:00

    Contact your Cooperative Extension Service a part of OSU. They will be able to give the most accurate info. I would have it tested, cheap info for the long run health of your landscape.
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