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Suggest a plant for groundcover under a porch

Suggest a plant for groundcover under a porch
Posted by Micah from NC on 2009-04-05 09:46:00

So I have a raised wooden porch and isntead of putting lattice or something around the porch, I just want to plant something that will act as ground cover.

Im looking for any ideas.

I was thinking of some type of moss but I have no idea what kind of "conditions" moss grows in. This is really the first time in my married life Ive tried to do any gardening.

If possible, I want something that doesnt attract bees/wasps/hornets.

Id like it to be pretty if possible :)

Needs to be cheap.

Needs to live year round.

Id like to be able to get it as seeds.

Any suggestions welcome
  • ground cover
    Posted by dlpetz from 8b southern NM on 2009-04-26 10:08:00

    Need more specific info in order to be helpful such as, height of porch off the ground, amount of light hitting the general area, type of soil, etc.
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