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Landscape Architecture - New York Metro Area

Landscape Architecture - New York Metro Area
Posted by Garden Lover ( from 6 on 2009-03-17 04:58:00

I'm really interested in the craft of gardening in New York City. The creativity it takes to turn unused space, like an alley, into a special garden is a talent. Check out the before and after pics of a transformed alley:

Woodland Landscapes, the brain-child of Joseph Schilling, is an award winning garden design firm whose work was commissioned by Tower 49, the French Embassy in New York City and has been featured on MTV's Real World - Brooklyn 2009. Woodland Landscapes uses computer imaging to transform outdoor spaces into finished landscapes.

To stay connected to Joseph and all the updates from Woodland Landscapes, sign up for the blog here:

Happy New York Gardening!

Woodland Landscapes

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