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Bulb question

Bulb question
Posted by Tricia from Mississippi / 7 on 2009-02-26 10:56:00

If I have tulip bulbs that should have been planted in the fall are they ruined forever? What happens if I plant them now? Will they never bloom? Will they be any good if I keep them 'til next fall? These may be stupid questions but I've never planted bulbs before and need some help.
  • Bulbs
    Posted by Jacquie from IA/4a on 2009-04-04 11:03:00

    If you didn't plant your bulbs last fall, that's okay. Provided you bought them last fall, they will be fine until this one. Keep them dry and out of the sun. I store mine in paper lunch sacks in a cabinet in my pantry. It's dark and dry in there. When you take them out in the fall, make sure they are not soft or moldy. If so, you will want to throw them out and buy new ones. Two suggestions, label your bag, so you know what they are and don't throw them out accidentally! And second, cut some pieces of chicken wire to lay on top of the bulbs after you plant them. This helps keep the squirrels from eating them for lunch. Hope this helps.
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