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Plumeria -- leaves rolling up and turning brown

Plumeria -- leaves rolling up and turning brown
Posted by Dianna from Indiana on 2009-01-25 02:35:00

My Plumeria has a bloom stalk on the very top, but not blooming yet. It also has 5 new leaves at the top, then under the new leaves are larger leaves, and they are curling up on the sides and the points of the leaves are turning brown.
I am wondering If I should remove the bottom leaves so the bloom and newer leaves would do better.
I did determine that I have watered it too much, so I now have a dish upside down under the pot so it is not sitting in water now.
Any help would sure be appreciated on this, I do not want to lost my plant, for I would love to see the bloom when if opens up...never have seen a bloom yet.
I got my plumeria stick in New Orleans, 3 years ago... maybe I should repot my plant in the spring too...

Thank you,
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