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need info. on vegetable garden

need info. on vegetable garden
Posted by carin from georgia on 2008-12-04 09:43:00

Hi I am about to move to Savannah, GA from Albuquerque, NM. We had a wonderful garden full of tomatoes, lettuce, herbs, etc. It grew so well there. I know nothing about gardening in the south. We will be renting a house so we can't have a massive garden but we can have one in the backyard. I'm worried about bugs & animals eating my veggies. I prefer to not use chemicals. Our garden in NM was so easy and I didn't really have to worry about bugs, etc. We won't have a screened in porch either. We will have a small outdoor porch however. I would love some advice on how to get started, what grows best in GA, etc. Any help at all :o) thanks!!!
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